REBOOT SIX: First Responders is a six-part video course that will help you or your loved ones find healing from the aftereffects of service-related trauma. This course is designed to help anyone who responds in times of crisis, including those in the law enforcement, fire, EMS, emergency communications, corrections, and healthcare communities.  

When trauma strikes, we've got your six.

Choose to facilitate a virtual course or complete it as a self-study.

Healing for you or for others.

Too many first responders and healthcare workers are struggling mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The toll that crisis and trauma takes on a person's soul can feel like too much to bear. The data paints a tragic picture: 

  • The #1 killer of law enforcement officers is suicide. 
  • 15% of firefighters have reported suicide attempts. 
  • 38% of EMS providers reported contemplating suicide
  • Nurses are 24% more likely to die by suicide than the general public

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But the story isn't over. At REBOOT, we believe there is purpose in pain and hope after trauma. Through REBOOT SIX: First Responders, people are healing and lives are being saved. 

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REBOOT SIX: First Responders is a six-part, Christian faith-based online course that you can work through on your own or with a small group. Each session includes a 15-minute teaching video along with workbook pages and further questions to consider. REBOOT SIX: First Responders will help identify and reframe trauma so that healing can begin emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Sample Course Video:

  1. Understanding How Trauma Works 
  2. Uncovering the Spiritual Roots of Trauma
  3. Finding Purpose in Pain
  4. Gaining Freedom from Guilt
  5. Forgiving and Receiving Forgiveness
  6. Rebuilding a Positive Self-Identity

The SIX Topics We Cover:

Sample Workbook Pages:

Click here to view a sample chapter from our digital workbook. 

What does the course include? 

What's Included:

Consider leading a small group through REBOOT Six. We include a digital workbook so you can simply screen-share, share the workbook and bring hope to hurting first responders. 

Annual Membership, Lifelong Impact

When you sign up for REBOOT SIX: First Responders, you're actually getting much more.

REBOOT SIX: First Responders is but one course within our MyREBOOT platform that provides online courses, training, and resources to help people overcome trauma and mental health challenges. Your $99 annual subscription provides you with a complete library of resources to help yourself or those you know heal from trauma. 

What's new in MyREBOOT? 

"I didn't find REBOOT – it found me when I didn't even realize I needed it. REBOOT helped me process years of combat trauma and more recently as a first responder who had just experienced a critical incident."

Tim Powell, Clarksville, TN

Rather than meeting in person on a regular schedule, our REBOOT SIX personal courses can be worked through as an individual or with a small group of friends or loved ones, on your own time. REBOOT SIX is a great first step on your healing journey.

Plus, you may find that REBOOT SIX opens the door for you to lead a future in-person course.

What's the difference between REBOOT SIX and an in-person REBOOT Recovery course?

Since 2011, REBOOT Recovery has hosted hundreds of local 12-week trauma healing courses around the world for men, women and families to meet in person with one another and overcome their trauma together.

But what if you don't live near one of our course locations? Or maybe there are other obstacles that prevent you from leading or attending an in-person course? The solution is REBOOT SIX.

Interested in more info about starting a full REBOOT course in your community? Let's talk!




We are in this together.

REBOOT isn't a book study or a support group — it's a community. You are uniting with men and women around the world who have chosen to push back against the darkness and win the battle against trauma. Will you join us?

"This course has changed my life as much as it has changed the lives of those I serve with. Incredible."

Jennifer Stevens, Louisville, KY

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